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    About Me

    My inspiration

    My main inspiration is nature. I love taking photos of anything outside. Wildlife, plants, and even large bodies of water.

    My motivation

    My motivation for taking photographs is for my own enjoyment. I also love sharing my photos with others, which is why I have this website. I have always loved photography and I continue to love it.

    My destination

    My destination is to grow as a photographer, to be more skilled with my photos. I hope to take a lot of photos and upload most of them on this site.

    Send me a message

    Photo suggestions are appreciated!

    The Dogwood Studio


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    Tips for a great photo

    Pick the right time of day

    I usually like to take photos when the sun is shining, sunlight gives photos more depth. Early in the morning is my favorite time of day for taking photos.

    Choose the right angle

    It is very important that photos are taken at the right angle. For example, I crouched down on the ground to get the perfect photo of this wood plank.

    Change the photo

    You may want to change a few things about your photo. You can zoom in, crop, and even change the lighting if you want. You don't always have to change your photos, you can leave them just the way they are.